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Can I lather you up?

Just as fast as “did you shower today” became our first prompt, “can I lather you up” followed in hot pursuit. 

The new prompt grabs an already large male following from our former life in blogging and sports, particularly football where DryerBuzz carried conversations from the gridiron to barbershops.

Naturally we’d make the transition back to such a core audience after hearing their needs and concerns to always be included in all our endeavors. We got you fellas. Can I lather you up?

Starting with the first kickoff of the 2021 season, Handmade Bath and Shower Soaps by DryerBuzz listen two new box sets. New Navy Pier anchors the 3pk and a six pack also available including exfoliating skin sensitive bars such as oatmeal and activated charcoal.

Can I lather you up? 

Shop this NFL season for the perfect game winner with #ShopDryerBuzz.

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