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Yalanda Lattimore | DryerBuzz

Did you know your new favorite soap maker is a semi retired blogger who helped to pioneer the blogosphere? After twenty years blogging, Yalanda P Lattimore, went from covering red carpets to Caregiving to cooking up delicious food recipes to soap making. Never afraid to pivot and evolve. Yalanda’s kitchen became a place for healing. When food supply chain suffered during Covid19, the blogger and foodie turned to soap making. Yalanda wrote the book on buzz and turning followers into customers. So pivoting was an easy success. Lather up!

Wait! Did you shower 🛀🏾 today? 🧼 
🐝 Buzz About Me:
🏠 Clubhouse: Feed Your Dreams — Breakfast with DryerBuzz Tue-Sat 8AM ET on Clubhouse 
🏆 Award winning blogger & digital trailblazer 
💻 Founded DryerBuzz News & TV est 2002
📚 Author #27Answers Marketing Series
🦹🏽‍♀️ SuperPower: turns followers into customers
🎯 Marketing strategies come naturally to me
🛀🏾 Lathered up with pandemic soap pivot
🍑 ATL | Georgia | USA | 530-324-BUZZ