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Don’t cancel Halloween! Turn Secret Santa into Secret Pumpkin for Contact-Free Fun

We’ve already lost so much in 2020. We cannot lose Halloween too.  Here's an idea:

Don’t cancel Halloween!. Turn Secret Santa into Virtual Secret Pumpkin. 

Celebrate Secret Pumpkin with e-gift cards for contact-free virtual fun. Imagine racking up on more than just a bag of treats. 

How to host Secret Pumpkin:

  • Customize Secret Pumpkin to your family, patch of friends, or work group
  • Select by drawing or have an individual distribute emails 
  • Set a time on Halloween when Secret Pumpkin e-gift cards should start arriving
  • Host a virtual party in costume or begin sending e-gift cards by deadline 
  • Recipients remain unaware of their Secret Pumpkin until email(s) begin to arrive
  • Family members can shower kids electronically
  • Friends can splurge on themed gifts 
  • And we can all support our favorite businesses 

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